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Welcome to the New Cardinal Education Blog!

Welcome to the new Cardinal Education Blog where you can find expert insight on educational matters. These articles reflect our experience, gained from almost a decade of research and through working with families in the Bay Area. Our one-on-one method of tutoring and focused attention on enabling students to develop the skills fundamental to lifelong success have led us to help students of various backgrounds, abilities, motivations, and goals. From aiding students with learning disabilities to helping students prepare for national math and science competitions to garnering improvement in students’ GPA by leaps and bounds to enabling students to gain admission to universities they never thought they could get into, we have an unmatched history of success.

We hope these articles shed light on topics pertinent to families who are concerned about their child’s education and clarify common educational situations that are otherwise nebulous. Please feel free to share these posts, write comments, and ask questions!

If you would like to know more about Cardinal Education‘s services for academic coaching, admissions counseling, standardized test prep, or subject tutoring, please visit our website You can also reach us at or by calling our office at (650) 391-9814.