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The Benefits of Using Official SAT Tests and Material

Most large test prep companies produce their own practice SATs. They generally sell those practice SATs as part of prep books, in addition to using the same practice SATs in their classes and tutoring sessions. While numerous practice tests may make a prep book or an SAT class sound more impressive, there are several reasons to be wary of companies that create their own materials instead of using official SAT material created by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Continue reading ‘The Benefits of Using Official SAT Tests and Material’

I Know What You Did Last Summer: How 5 Amazing Kids Spent Their Free Time

At the end of spring semester, students get ready to relax and have fun in the summer. Many students believe they have worked hard all year and deserve a break, a time to do nothing. While everyone deserves a break once in a while, some teens have found ways to enjoy themselves and continue learning. The following five teenagers set out to do more than just getting a driver’s license. Continue reading ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer: How 5 Amazing Kids Spent Their Free Time’

College Tuition: Do You Get What You Pay For?

College tuition at most schools increases at a rate of 4-5% every year.  These days, this steady increase in cost has resulted in an enormous financial burden for middle and lower income families.  To provide equal educational opportunities for these families, colleges constantly strive to augment their financial aid budget and dole out thousands of generous financial aid packages each year.  Meanwhile, those who do not qualify for financial aid have to shoulder the exorbitant cost that reflects the value of possessing a college degree in today’s job market.  In other words, regardless of socioeconomic status, college tuition normally represents a significant chunk of a family’s income.  And despite the many hackneyed expressions about education being priceless, there is in fact a price tag on higher education—and a big one at that.  This article will examine higher education from a purely financial perspective. Continue reading ‘College Tuition: Do You Get What You Pay For?’

Create Amazing Final Presentations for Your Classes

As the school year nears its close, students will be expected to turn in final exams, write final papers, and give final presentations.  While final exams and the preparation process they require have long been familiar to any successful student, final presentations often leave students puzzled as to how best to approach an interactive presentation in front of their entire class.  This article will provide guidelines for students looking to create a sensational final presentation. Continue reading ‘Create Amazing Final Presentations for Your Classes’

How to Prepare for Final Exams Without the Stress and Panic

As the semester draws to a close, the looming threat of finals weighs heavily on the minds of students. At the end of each semester, students stress, panic, and cram. This time, try a different approach. Follow these easy tips for stress-free finals. Continue reading ‘How to Prepare for Final Exams Without the Stress and Panic’