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Choosing Extracurricular Activities for the School Year

The alarming trend of dwindling college acceptance rates creates pressure in every aspect of students’ lives. Because college admissions has become so competitive, students are led to believe that even something as simple as choosing which extracurricular activities to participate in may wind up being the difference between acceptance and rejection senior year. They stress about which extracurriculars will differentiate them as applicants and often wind up enrolling in too many. Do not panic! Picking activities does not have to be a burden. Continue reading ‘Choosing Extracurricular Activities for the School Year’

I Know What You Did Last Summer: How 5 Amazing Kids Spent Their Free Time

At the end of spring semester, students get ready to relax and have fun in the summer. Many students believe they have worked hard all year and deserve a break, a time to do nothing. While everyone deserves a break once in a while, some teens have found ways to enjoy themselves and continue learning. The following five teenagers set out to do more than just getting a driver’s license. Continue reading ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer: How 5 Amazing Kids Spent Their Free Time’