Tutoring Company Partners with Boys & Girls Club to Offer Youth Education Services

“A new partnership between two education providers on the Peninsula may help some young students forge a path to academic success and potentially gain admission to some of the Bay Area’s more prestigious high schools.

The Cardinal Education Scholars and the Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club recently held a grand-opening ceremony at the Bayshore Community Center in Daly City to celebrate the new relationship between the organizations. The Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club works with youth from lower-income communities, providing services such as academic tutoring, job preparation, leadership training and health and lifestyle skills.”

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Video Games and the Brain: Harmful or Helpful?

This article is Part 1 of our three-part series on video games.

Have you heard all the noise about video games? Pick up a copy of Time or the New York Times, and you’ll hear an uproar over video games making their players violent and aggressive. But pick up a copy of Psychology Today or tune into NPR, and you’ll find enthusiastic support for video games and their ability to improve cognitive skills.

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Turning Skimmers into Scholars: Fundamentals for Strong Writers and Critical Readers

You’ve heard the clarion calls before: ensure reading is a daily habit. But just how important is becoming a voracious reader? Are good reading habits really so closely linked with success?

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Which Summer Classes Should You Take?

So you’ve taken the plunge! You’re officially enrolled in the summer semester at your local college: now which courses should you take? Continue reading ‘Which Summer Classes Should You Take?’

The School Year is Almost Over. Should You Take Summer Classes?

Though you might not be itching to run back into a classroom, enrolling in a summer class at a local college might just be the best way to spend a healthy chunk of your summer. Over 1.3 million high school students in the U.S. enrolled in college courses last year, and it’s no surprise: immersing yourself in a brand-new environment — college! — will prepare you for the moment you head off on your own journey into higher education. Plus, you’ll end up learning not just the course material but also much about yourself and the world beyond high school. Continue reading ‘The School Year is Almost Over. Should You Take Summer Classes?’

Taking Back Control of Senior Year

Right now, you have your acceptance letter, you’re eager to leave home, and your instinct might be to relax and count down the days until you move into your first dorm room.

But what if there were more to senior year? What if you switched off autopilot and settled in back behind the wheel on the long, successful journey into adulthood? Continue reading ‘Taking Back Control of Senior Year’

Does My ADHD Kid Need Meds? Managing ADHD with Diet

Imagine the scene: you have finished dinner and your child is about to start his homework. However, he is fidgeting, not sitting still, and cannot seem to get focused on his work. You know your child has ADHD, but his attention has waned since the afternoon. Is it possible your child’s diet is affecting his ADHD? Continue reading ‘Does My ADHD Kid Need Meds? Managing ADHD with Diet’