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Turning Skimmers into Scholars: Fundamentals for Strong Writers and Critical Readers

You’ve heard the clarion calls before: ensure reading is a daily habit. But just how important is becoming a voracious reader? Are good reading habits really so closely linked with success?

You bet! The stories are true: everyone should be reading constantly—and yes, especially over the summer. Continue reading ‘Turning Skimmers into Scholars: Fundamentals for Strong Writers and Critical Readers’

Changes Coming to the SAT

An important announcement from the president of the College Board:

Continue reading ‘Changes Coming to the SAT’

Preparing for Private School and College Interviews

Applying to schools can be an extensive process.  While grades, test scores, and personal statements are at the heart of every application, a very important part is the interview. The interview is a prime opportunity for an applicant to highlight his or her interests and display his or her personality. Because we care about your aspirations, we have compiled some handy tips for your admissions interview. Continue reading ‘Preparing for Private School and College Interviews’

One-on-One Tutoring Versus Group Tutoring

As a team of expert educational consultants, Cardinal Education has worked with hundreds of families and utilized many different methods. Over the years, we have found that every student is unique and that each situation requires a different approach. However, one fact remains constant: one-on-one tutoring is superior to group tutoring in terms of the results that it provides for our students.  At Cardinal Education, we only offer one-on-one tutoring for precisely this reason. Continue reading ‘One-on-One Tutoring Versus Group Tutoring’

Applying to Private Schools? What you should know about the ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT

While resources for the SAT and ACT sometimes seem limitless, the amount of publicly available information about middle school and high school entrance exams is not nearly as prevalent. This article will break down three popular middle school and high school entrance exams: the ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT. Continue reading ‘Applying to Private Schools? What you should know about the ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT’

What is the PSAT?

As students enter 10th and 11th grade and the specter of college admissions testing looms on the horizon, the first test that most students take is the PSAT. Because many schools administer the PSAT during school hours, the PSAT often creeps up on unsuspecting students who have little conception of what to expect. So, what exactly is the PSAT? Is it the same as the SAT? Does it count for anything? Should students prepare for it? This article will answer your questions about the PSAT. Continue reading ‘What is the PSAT?’

When Is the Best Time to Take the SAT or ACT?

When is the best time to take the SAT or ACT? Should you get it over with early, at the end of 10th grade or start of 11th grade?  Should you take it your junior spring, along with most other students? Should you wait until senior fall in order to benefit from the knowledge you will gain in 11th grade? Continue reading ‘When Is the Best Time to Take the SAT or ACT?’