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How Can You Tell if Your Child Is Really Being Recruited for University Athletics?

Every year, thousands of excited high school students receive phone calls, letters, and pats on the back from the athletic coaches of their dream colleges.  But only a tiny percentage actually make it to the courts, diamonds, fields, and stadiums of universities, leaving those hopeful high school graduates wondering what went wrong.  Is your child actually being recruited for college sports?  Why do many colleges lead students into thinking they have a prized spot on their athletic team? Continue reading ‘How Can You Tell if Your Child Is Really Being Recruited for University Athletics?’

How to Optimize Your Status as a Legacy for College Admissions

Editor’s Note: This article is the second in our four-part series Demographic Factors in College Admissions

It is no secret that legacies, or applicants who already have familial ties to a college, are afforded a significant advantage in college admissions.  In fact, according to a study conducted by Harvard professor, Michael Hurwitz, legacies generally experience a 23.3% increase in their probability of admission.  Primary legacies, or students whose parents attended the institution as undergraduates, possess an even greater statistical advantage.  Through the data that he gathered from 30 highly selective colleges, Hurwitz found that primary legacies get a 45.1% statistical boost; whereas secondary legacies, or applicants with looser affiliations with the school (like a parent who attended its graduate school or a sibling, uncle, or grandparent who attended as an undergraduate), can tack on an additional 13.7% to their chances of being admitted.  Read on to learn more about how your student’s legacy status can impact his or her chances of admissions.

Continue reading ‘How to Optimize Your Status as a Legacy for College Admissions’

The Facts About SAT Subject Tests

The SAT Subject Tests are a cause of concern for many students. This article will facilitate the decision-making process, leaving more time to prepare for the tests. Continue reading ‘The Facts About SAT Subject Tests’

Planning Summer Break: Activities that Look Best on College Applications

It’s February, and school work, clubs, and winter sports probably dominate your freshman, sophomore, or junior’s daily thoughts and routine.  Consequently, summer break may seem like a long way off.  The fact is, however, summer activity opportunities are currently becoming available, and the rosters for these activities are already filling up.  In other words, now is the time to plan ahead while summer prospects that expand your student’s passions and look great on college applications are still available.  What activities do both?  Read on for specific advice about the best summer activities for your high school student from a college admissions perspective. Continue reading ‘Planning Summer Break: Activities that Look Best on College Applications’

Cardinal Education Featured in Parenting on the Peninsula

Cardinal Education provides a concise yet informative guide to the college admission process in the November 2011 issue of Parenting on the Peninsula. We discuss topics such as intended major, extracurricular activities, and essay writing.  Continue reading ‘Cardinal Education Featured in Parenting on the Peninsula’