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How Can You Tell if Your Child Is Really Being Recruited for University Athletics?

Every year, thousands of excited high school students receive phone calls, letters, and pats on the back from the athletic coaches of their dream colleges.  But only a tiny percentage actually make it to the courts, diamonds, fields, and stadiums of universities, leaving those hopeful high school graduates wondering what went wrong.  Is your child actually being recruited for college sports?  Why do many colleges lead students into thinking they have a prized spot on their athletic team? Continue reading ‘How Can You Tell if Your Child Is Really Being Recruited for University Athletics?’

Changes Coming to the SAT

An important announcement from the president of the College Board:

Continue reading ‘Changes Coming to the SAT’

Preparing for Private School and College Interviews

Applying to schools can be an extensive process.  While grades, test scores, and personal statements are at the heart of every application, a very important part is the interview. The interview is a prime opportunity for an applicant to highlight his or her interests and display his or her personality. Because we care about your aspirations, we have compiled some handy tips for your admissions interview. Continue reading ‘Preparing for Private School and College Interviews’

What is the PSAT?

As students enter 10th and 11th grade and the specter of college admissions testing looms on the horizon, the first test that most students take is the PSAT. Because many schools administer the PSAT during school hours, the PSAT often creeps up on unsuspecting students who have little conception of what to expect. So, what exactly is the PSAT? Is it the same as the SAT? Does it count for anything? Should students prepare for it? This article will answer your questions about the PSAT. Continue reading ‘What is the PSAT?’

Who Really Checks Facebook? A Student’s Guide for Posting on Social Media

Cell phones and the Internet have allowed people to communicate freely like never before. From Facebook to smartphone texting, anyone can spread a thought at the drop of a hat. From Anthony Weiner to Brett Favre, many celebrities and politicians have discovered the hard way that such ease of communication can quickly destroy their reputation. If not careful, it could happen to your student’s reputation, too. There are many traps for upstanding students to fall into, and colleges and employers are increasingly checking online profiles before making decisions. Ensuring your student is responsible online is vital. Having a chat with your student about online behavior, emphasizing the risks and potential consequences, is a must. Continue reading ‘Who Really Checks Facebook? A Student’s Guide for Posting on Social Media’

College Deadlines: Tips to Ensure Everything is Submitted

With the academic year well underway, seniors now face the most challenging course load of their high school careers, along with a slew of extracurricular time commitments.  While it is imperative to excel in these endeavors, seniors must also manage the difficult task of meeting the many fast-approaching college deadlines, which vary depending upon your high school’s policies as well as the colleges’ policies to which you are applying.  This article will endeavor to give you a clear picture of what needs to be done and when, so seniors will not fret about missing application materials come winter. Continue reading ‘College Deadlines: Tips to Ensure Everything is Submitted’

Choosing Extracurricular Activities for the School Year

The alarming trend of dwindling college acceptance rates creates pressure in every aspect of students’ lives. Because college admissions has become so competitive, students are led to believe that even something as simple as choosing which extracurricular activities to participate in may wind up being the difference between acceptance and rejection senior year. They stress about which extracurriculars will differentiate them as applicants and often wind up enrolling in too many. Do not panic! Picking activities does not have to be a burden. Continue reading ‘Choosing Extracurricular Activities for the School Year’