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How Can You Tell if Your Child Is Really Being Recruited for University Athletics?

Every year, thousands of excited high school students receive phone calls, letters, and pats on the back from the athletic coaches of their dream colleges.  But only a tiny percentage actually make it to the courts, diamonds, fields, and stadiums of universities, leaving those hopeful high school graduates wondering what went wrong.  Is your child actually being recruited for college sports?  Why do many colleges lead students into thinking they have a prized spot on their athletic team? Continue reading ‘How Can You Tell if Your Child Is Really Being Recruited for University Athletics?’

What Does a Serious College Athletic Recruiting Letter Look Like?

Aspiring college athletes often face the challenge of differentiating between a college’s genuine commitment to the student as a likely candidate for school admission, and just an empty promise from a talent-seeking coach.  The recruiting process can be daunting, but it is a process that, like anything else, can be broken down into smaller steps in order to be more easily managed. Continue reading ‘What Does a Serious College Athletic Recruiting Letter Look Like?’

Changes Coming to the SAT

An important announcement from the president of the College Board:

Continue reading ‘Changes Coming to the SAT’

Preparing for Private School and College Interviews

Applying to schools can be an extensive process.  While grades, test scores, and personal statements are at the heart of every application, a very important part is the interview. The interview is a prime opportunity for an applicant to highlight his or her interests and display his or her personality. Because we care about your aspirations, we have compiled some handy tips for your admissions interview. Continue reading ‘Preparing for Private School and College Interviews’

One-on-One Tutoring Versus Group Tutoring

As a team of expert educational consultants, Cardinal Education has worked with hundreds of families and utilized many different methods. Over the years, we have found that every student is unique and that each situation requires a different approach. However, one fact remains constant: one-on-one tutoring is superior to group tutoring in terms of the results that it provides for our students.  At Cardinal Education, we only offer one-on-one tutoring for precisely this reason. Continue reading ‘One-on-One Tutoring Versus Group Tutoring’

Applying to Private Schools? What you should know about the ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT

While resources for the SAT and ACT sometimes seem limitless, the amount of publicly available information about middle school and high school entrance exams is not nearly as prevalent. This article will break down three popular middle school and high school entrance exams: the ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT. Continue reading ‘Applying to Private Schools? What you should know about the ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT’

Navigating Performance Anxiety for Students and Athletes

Editor’s Note: This article is a guest post by Dr. Lindsay Shortliffe, a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Palo Alto, California.  She works with a wide variety of client concerns, and has specialized experience in work with adolescents and young adults from her work in university counseling centers.  She also specializes in working with anxiety and multicultural concerns.  For more information about her and her practice, please visit:

Do you ever find it difficult to speak up in class, even when you are pretty sure you know the answer?  Maybe you feel overwhelmed when you have to give a presentation – your voice shakes, it seems like your heart is beating out of your chest, and you have trouble remembering what you were planning to say.  Do you find that no matter how hard you study for an exam, when sitting down to take it, you blank out and have difficulty focusing?  Or do you find that when playing a sport you have difficulty performing at your best when the pressure is on?  Although it can sometimes feel like you are all alone in these experiences, this type of performance anxiety is actually quite common among students.  Continue reading ‘Navigating Performance Anxiety for Students and Athletes’